2017-12-22 13:44:03
2 Top Soccer Officials Found Guilty in FIFA Case

13:44, December 22 217 0

Two top international soccer officials were found guilty on Friday for their roles in a web of corruption that extended across several continents and ensnared dozens of men who control the world’s most popular sport.

A jury in federal court in Brooklyn on Friday convicted the men: Juan Ángel Napout of Paraguay, the former top soccer official of South America, who was accused of accepting $10.5 million in bribes since 2010; and José Maria Marin, the former top soccer official of Brazil, who was accused of accepting $6.55 million.

Mr. Marin was found guilty on six counts, of racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy. He was found not guilty on one count of money laundering conspiracy.

Mr. Napout was found guilty on three counts, of racketeering conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy. He was found not guilty on two counts of money laundering conspiracy.

The jury has not yet reached a verdict on one count of racketeering conspiracy against Manuel Burga, the former top soccer official of Peru. The judge ordered the jurors to return for further deliberations next week.

The verdicts against Mr. Napout and Mr. Marin partially resolved a monthlong trial in the United States’ case focused on FIFA, the governing body of international soccer, which was thrown into chaos when allegations were announced in 2015. Several high-ranking soccer officials were accused of accepting bribes from marketing companies that wanted to obtain commercial rights to major competitions.

More than 20 defendants had pleaded guilty as a result of the yearslong investigation run by the Justice Department out of the Eastern District of New York in coordination with the F.B.I. and I.R.S.

But the three officials who stood trial this month were in the minority as they actively fought the mountainous evidence laid out by the government.