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Colombia vs. Japan: World Cup 2018 Live

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• After a Colombia hand ball in the box, Kagawa scored the penalty to give Japan an early 1-0 lead.

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Besides working hard, Falcao is also spending a lot of time on the ground. He pirouetted in a fall to win a free kick. But the forest of Japanese defenders foil it. Update: Falcao fell down again.

Falcao broke for goal onside and between two defenders, then leaped athletically to get a toe on a pass. But it went right to the keeper, again. Falcao is working hard and in the absence of James Rodriguez is going to be the focal point of Colombia’s comeback bid. Of course, Japan knows this and will keep him well covered.

Osako stole the ball near the Colombian goal with an open look, but launched a ball to nowhere. Was that supposed to be a shot or a cross? Either way a possible chance wasted.

11 may not seem like a whole lot more than 10. But at this level, the man-advantage is enormous. It will mean more space to work in, more time on the ball, more comfort in defense. Japan will enjoy this advantage.

Colombia is pressing a deliberate Japan to try to get possession. This is going to really tire the team out over the next 70 minutes.

Japan is advancing the ball at a glacial pace. You can’t blame them. They have the lead and have superior numbers. Why push anything at this point?

Juan Cuadrado is a dangerous player on the wing, and he tried to show off some of that skill one-on-one against Nagatomo at the end line. But the Japanese defender is up to the challenge and dispossesses him.

Japan took advantage of their superior numbers and developed an opportunity against an overstretched defense. But Takashi Inui went wide.

Colombia then makes some noise on the counterattack, but it leads nowhere.

Colombia’s Falcao beat the defense and got to a through ball with a sliding shot. Right to Japan’s goalkeeper Eiji Kawashima though.

Colombia must attack now and must do it with 10 men. This is a dire situation, especially with 80 minutes to go.

Disaster for Colombia. Osako raced past the Colombian defense and was in alone on goal. Ospina made the save and it rebounded to Kagawa who was following the play. His shot was blocked, but Carlos Sanchez used his hand! Red card for Sanchez. The penalty is taken by Kagawa. Low and steady into the net.

Japan in blue, Colombia in yellow. With James Rodriguez out, Colombia will turn to its captain, Falcao, for its goals. Falcao is 32, but playing in his first World Cup. He was injured in 2014 and Colombia missed the three Cups before that. He has 29 goals for Colombia in his career, the record.

Bad news for Colombia: James Rodriguez will not start. He has a leg muscle strain.

1. Ospina

3. Murillo

4. Arias

6. C. Sanchez

9. Falcao

11. Cuadrado

16. Lerma

17. Mojica

20. Quintero

21. Izquierdo

23. D Sanchez

Who to watch: Dortmund midfielder Shinji Kagawa is the most proven performer, but a key vet could be Keisuke Honda, 31, who at one time played for Milan, but now plays in Mexico.

1. Kawashima

3. Shoji

5. Nagatomo

7. Shibasaki

8. Haraguchi

10. Kagawa

14. Inui

15. Osako

17. Hasebe

19. Sakai

22. Yoshida